Blogger Problems: I'm The Worst Blogger Ever!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet Brittany... The worst blogger ever!!!

Okay, maybe not the best blogger ever.  Hmm. That's better.   Sigh.  Blogging is tough.  It's one of the hardest things I've ever tried accomplishing in my entire life.   Sheesh...When I first started I had this idea that I would travel the world, explore new things and heck be famous! Well at least social media famous.

Who knew what started as an idea..will.. well...remain just that, an IDEA.  I've watched myself start over so many times.   Despite my efforts..I just can't do it!  I'm not just not made to blog.  Blogging is a full time job, I barely can make at my own job!!! Shoot I am quite frankly, mutha effin tieed (in my lil kid from IG voice).

But guess what!? I'm not giving up!  Being the worst blogger in life, made me realize how much potential I really have.  The picture above is that reminder for me.  In this pic, I was a part of an opportunity in which I was able to introduce myself, as The Stylish Ego.  And that feeling that enticed my corny smile, is the same feeling I hope to will continue to push me to drive.

My pop pop before his passing, reminded me to never give up on the thing you want most.  So I won't.  Hopefully, you can help me become a better worst blogger.  Follow my journey online at

In fact, tomorrow tune it for what's new with The Stylish Ego.  Until then, xoxo!

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