Hello!  I'm Bri & Welcome!!!!

I am the blogger behind THE STYLISH EGO. I have a BA in Psychology and a second in Public Relations. Finding ways to overcome a few insecurities was how my blog was birthed.  

I feel that, the standard of beauty has lost its originality, but as The Stylish Ego I hope to bring it back. Because CONFIDENCE is sexier than any little black dress, PERSONALITY stands taller than any stiletto and INDIVIDUALITY shines brighter than any statement piece.

We're all guilty of getting lost in the trends of fashion. But often, we go beyond unrealistic measures to obtain a "standard" of beauty that I feel we all uniquely have.

As the Stylish Ego, I will diagnose those fashion disorders and through challenges help you embrace your own personal style!

Welcome to the STYLISH EGO...