Hello September and the SAD Disorder!

Friday, September 02, 2016

The moment Siri reminded me that it was September, I became over joyed with emotions knowing that my favorite season would be only days away. While I rejoiced over the exciting news, an epidemic of panic spread among a few of my friends.  I mean, sheesh, I would rather a zombie apocalypse instead. Ha ha.  Either way, their reactions inspired this exciting post.

Weather = Depression ?!

Obviously, this upcoming season will bring changes to the weather.  But whether it's the cool temperatures, the nakedness of trees or even the sounds of traffic instead of laughter; transitioning from Summer to Fall can be a bit depressing.  Even I get a dose of this occasionally, especially in the Winter. I find myself moody and angry at the world during those moment (slowly gives mother nature the eye).  But we've all been there and this phenomena my friend is called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

What About September?

This mood disorder is a form of depression that normally occurs around the cooler seasons.  Now I'm uber excited that Fall officially begins September 22nd.  And while it still may be a bit warm by then, I'm super excited to share what's in store for September at the Stylish Ego.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will provide you with therapeutic tips to help treat the symptoms of September.

In Fact, Tune in, Monday as we discuss Three Things To Look Forward to This Fall.

For now, need a shot of inspiration?  Check out, why you should be your OWN INSPIRATION

Tell me, what are you thoughts about September?

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