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Friday, September 25, 2015

In my opinion, the standard of beauty has lost its originality.  It seems as though we go above and beyond measures to look like everyone else but ourselves.  However, I feel that CONFIDENCE is sexier than any little black dress, PERSONALITY stands taller than any stiletto and INDIVIDUALITY makes a bigger statement than any accessory.  As The Stylish Ego I diagnose our Fashion Disorders using challenges inspired by actual Psychological Disorders. 

Meet The Blogger:    

Hi I’m Brittany! The Stylish Ego began as a way to overcome a few insecurities that developed after losing my grandfather to cancer in 2011.  I have a BA in Psychology and in Mass Communications.  Psychology served as a platform to build confidence in myself and working in retail introduced me to an obsession with Fashion.  As a result, I realized that we all have mental conditions that affect the way we behave, feel and think about ourselves, especially with fashion.  

Therefore, my goal is to find a way for you to become confident in who you are.  No one knows you better than yourself, and second to God, no one loves you more than YOU!  I understand that we are influenced by the surface of someone else, but what about you? Inside you are incredible and as The Stylish Ego, I will help you show that off in your personal style. Think about it, if we didn’t have mirrors or reflections, I think our personality would go a long way. Ha Ha  So are you ready to be Diagnosed of those Fashion Disorders and Styled by Your Personality? 

If so, Welcome To The Stylish Ego:  Diagnosing the Psyche that Defines our Ego's Style!

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