My MAC Experience: Confessions of A Girl Who Doesn't Wear Makeup

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I know this past weekend you were anticipating Part II of the Fashion Phobia Series but don't worry it's coming soon.  I'm sorry I left you guys high a dry but I had an opportunity to get reconstructive surgery done on my face. How could I pass that up??  Okay...Not really, but it felt like it.  Who knew makeup was so much work.  I don't wear makeup OBVIOUSLY.  Not saying I don't need it, but I definitely enjoy the idea of  enhancing my beauty using a physical form of PhotoShop.  As you can see I was very excited!!!

Omg.  I'm so impressed.  After a brief consultation with the makeup artist Stephanie (Shout out to you, whoooop whoooop!!) I asked for a natural look.  I hide behind my glasses as my comfort zone and I informed her I wanted to cover up any hickeys my glasses tend to leave on my face.  I'm transitioning away from glasses to contacts so it was important I had something to aid in making the transition more comfortable.  Anddddd...Stephanie provided this natural look with a stunning glow on my cheeks so that when the light hits my face I'm blinding you all. lol...

Overall, this experience was quite informative.  I admit I was nervous inside but with a little practice and patience I will grow more comfortable without my glasses.  I'm grateful that I had the fabulous blogger The Fashion Entrepreneur, April I'Jay to experience this MAC Experience.  On the other hand we'll see how well I can recreate the look.  Ha ha .. Wish me Luck.

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