The Fashion Phobia Series: Introduction

Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's amazing that after 50 selfies of winks and kisses I tend to only find one caught off guard pic that I like most. I'm sure you do it too, you find that one pic with the perfect angle with the perfect lighting, all to achieve that stellar 100+ likes on Instagram? But why is it so hard to just take a pic and be okay with the first shot?  I feel it's because we value the public's opinion.  What others think matters most, but it's because of that we shy away from unveiling the true you.  With that being said, I would like to introduce The Fashion Phobia Series.  

Jacket x Express  Top x Express  Booties x Macy's

This series will identify the fears of stepping out of our fashion comfort zone while providing step by step instructions on ways to overcome those fears. The look featured today is actually a sneak peak of my own comfort zone, can you guess what that may be?  Ha Ha.  In any event, Wednesday will begin this 5 part series.  Please tune in on Wednesday as we'll discuss Part 1: Three Ways to Identify Your Fashion Comfort Zone.

If you enjoyed today's look check out my previous look here.

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