#WeekendConfessions- I Just Want to Be Awesome

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I should be famous by now right? Like Z List Celebrity Status right? lol.. You so almost famous that if you Google'd me I would pop up even in the shopping section of Google famous right?  Wait... Oh yeah that's right, I can't even get five likes on Instagram.  #Reality

I just want to be awesome.  Is that too much to ask?  I've never wanted something so bad in my life. I'm far from perfect, I'm definitely no genius.  Though ( I do have two degrees...waste of money)...  I admit, I pretend to be this all exclusive chick (which I am)  But in all actuality, life has been tough for me.  I'm so close to my dreams, but it seems that other things (real life) is in the way.

Maybe I should I consider a sugar daddy... maybe implants... that seem to work for everyone else.... I don't think stripping would work, I can barely look at myself naked.. Lawd gravity is a true gangster...

I'm pretty dope but I have a job that feels like prison ( didn't think I'll be sentenced to under paid boredom).  I get a thrill out of helping solve problems buttttt (smacks mouth loudly) I have problems of my own.  And sheesh, let's not forget to mentioned the fact that I get hit on daily by creeps.  I'm grateful I'm attractive, but I would greatly appreciate it if I would attract what I'm actually attracted to.  Smh.  #teamsingleforever?

Nevertheless, I'm stuck in between my dreams and reality and it sucks.  I just want to be awesome.  God made me very different... and I love how incredible I am....  However, at 26, I imagined doing way more than what I'm stuck doing.  It's sad that when I look in the mirror I'm disappointed.  But I have so much to be grateful for... I'm alive...I'm eating...I'm safe... but being awesome wouldn't hurt either.

Now that's out the way.... I'll hold my breath until next Saturday.

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