Three Ways to Embrace Your Insecurities!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Okay, let's take a moment to be honest. So, what is it about yourself, that you lack confidence in? Is it your hair? Your skin? Your pinky toe? Yeah, I know, it's a touchy subject but it's time to do something about it.

During last week's  Pillow Talk, we slightly touched on the topic of insecurities.  I shared with you how insecure I am about my lips, but was recently inspired to embrace it.  Today, I will share three ways that is helping me embrace my insecurities confidently.  The ultimate goal is to project my beauty in a way that will influence me to remove my mask of embarrassment.   Let's begin.

Draw Attention to Insecurity

In my opinion, I feel that one of the biggest reasons why our insecurities affect us is because we tend to ignore them.  I get it, you may have been teased or the attention that you may receive was negative, but you shouldn't ignore it.  My granny often states that, "weeds will ruin your garden if left untended".  In other words, ignoring your insecurity may help you temporarily get by, but guess what, it's a problem that will still exist, if not handled.

Try drawing attention to your insecurity.  Making yourself uncomfortable will ultimately allow help you become more comfortable.  For example,  I have no booty at all, trust me, when I say, none, none lol... It bothers me at times, when the media boasts about big butts, but I just live with it.  While trying on clothes, one thing I would do is joke about my butt.  With my lips, I'll wear a bomb lip color to get compliments.

Distract Attention Away from Insecurity

Buttttttt....I understand that some insecurities are not that easy to comfortably draw attention to.  And I assure you, I get how sensitive it may be.  All the attention I received as child after my lip surgery was the worst.  Even now when someone asks about my lip, I feel some type of way.  Often times, my lips even swell (why I don't know), but during those times, I feel the most insecure.  But I found it helpful to not bring any attention to my face.

Find a way to readjust the focus on something else, like this funky blazer.  For example, when I worked in retail, I met so many women who were uncomfortable with parts of their body.  Women with a big busts wanted tops that didn't show too much cleavage, women with big butts wanted to find bottoms that didn't fit too tight.  Then there were taller women who didn't want having long legs as a factor so wearing a long flowing skirt were the main attraction and so forth and so on.  You get my point.

Ultimately all of these women received unwanted attention, but found ways to be more comfortable with their body by adjusting the focus.

Project Your Beauty

No matter what your insecurity may be, you are beautiful.  The media makes it seem as if we must look a certain way to be beautiful.  I know I don't look like 99.9% of the women I see on social media, television or magazines, but it doesn't define who I am.  To ensure that I don't get caught up with the madness, I stopped comparing myself.  There's something about me that is amazing and I want to show that girl off that's on the inside on the outside.

Top x Zara  Pants x Charlotte Russe

Project your beauty!  Find that one thing that you like about yourself sooo much and show it off.  I have a really cool sense of style, despite not having a big butt and being shaped like a toothbrush (lol), my style is pretty dope ( I think so at least).  Just knowing that my style separates me, makes me so confident.  When I receive positive feedback, I'm influenced to want to show my style off even more.

I hope that you find this post helpful.  I know there are a billion ways to overcome your insecurities but I'm experimenting and so far these have been most helpful. Any other tips?  Please share in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi! I love your tips, especially on drawing attention away from your insecurity. I have no butt, too, and am an upside triangle body shape, so your tips are spot on for me. Thanks for sharing, and you're right, you have an amazing sense of style, which is so refreshing to see and so inspiring! Keep killing them with your style!