Girl Boss: Is Inspiring AF!

Friday, May 12, 2017

What was once my source of inspiration, became a pain in my bottom V neck (ha ha).  No literally, I'm still sore from countless hours of scrolling Instagram's Feed for Fashion, Food and Fun. While everyone is living, I'm stuck staring at my bank account hoping that the Lucky Charm Leprechaun would magically make my account delicious.

Let's just say my unhappiness was an understatement. And I was ready to live life on the edge!! Take charge!! So I shaved my arm pits and took leap of faith off my couch.  It was at that moment, I was ready to rebel and start living! So I woke up early the next day; made me a cup a coffee to just smell (cause it tastes like dirt); grabbed my remote, a bag of Twizzlers and my Refinery29 bible and decided to binge watched Netflix. Little did I know that the book I once borrowed, would revisit my second life. GIRL BOSS!

Episode after episode, I was Sophia and Sophia was me. The ups and downs, highs and lows; I was there relating to every moment. Well except, I'm not yet successful and I overdraft my account last week lol  But she prescribed a dose of confidence that I needed.  She pulled my weave in a direction that forced me to want to blog without expectation. Girl Boss taught me to literally never stop.

When Sophia stated that she was good at altering a piece of clothing so that others would feel that they have to it; this made me realize that sometimes you must find a way for others to see your vision. It's time to be the boss, a girl boss!  Let's see where my inspiration gets me!

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