Blogger Advice: How To Ignite Your Blogging Creativity!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ding! The Light bulb just popped above your head and you have the perfect idea.  But what happens when that light dims or even blows out?  As a Style Blogger, I've found that this happens to me about 99.9% of the time.  Some days I can't figure out what to wear, let alone anything to post. 

Believe it or not, it's completely normal.  Finding a new creative avenue can be difficult but it's absolutely possible.   Whether you're having a writer's block or simply need a jump start, here are 3 Quick Ways to Ignite your Creativity!

I. Stimulate Your Mind:  
I remember the first time I bit into a lemon as a kid.  Ohhh how its sourness made  my taste buds go wild!!! But as a result, I was able to easily recognize the taste in other foods.  Likewise, trying something for the first time is an incredible way to explore new avenues. Sometimes all it takes is something different to trigger a new idea.  So step out of your comfort zone, try something you wouldn't necessarily try and be open-minded to being inspired. 

II. Immerse In Your Current Work:
If trying something new is not your personal preference, then work with what you have, where you are and focus, focus, focus.  Surround yourself with your goals, your passions, your desires and dig deep down from within.  Observe and absorb your work.  I've found that the more I focus on what I'm already working on, the more ideas come to mind. Revisit the humble beginning and get lost where you are then sink deeper in finding ways to get where you want to be!

III. Change Your View:
A Mountain seems massive when looking from below.  However, if you were to climb to the top, the view from above is absolutely breathtaking.  Nothing looks the same from above as it would below.  Therefore no matter where you are, it's okay to change your view.  Take a break and revisit at a new angle.  Have someone else take a look.  Don't get caught with looking at the bigger picture and focus on the details, as someone else may see the bigger picture as something completely different.

Ahhhhh I know sometimes it's easy to get stumped or even distracted.  Trying these three quick and easy techniques are just a few ways to getting a jump start back on track!

Do you have any tips and tricks? How do you re-ignite your blogging flame?  Please comment below!!

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