Fashion Phobias : Fashion Mistakes

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Something I feared most, happened when I least expected.... Gasp... My heel feel off my shoe.  It was probably one of the longest falls of my entire existence.  The sad thing is that I literally watched myself tumble slowly to the ground while watching everyone watch me fall.

I admit it was hilarious after but I was completed embarrassed.  To top it off, I wore my favorite fashion pieces too. Smh.  Nonetheless, my friend told me to "dust it off and keep it moving".

Currently, as I stare at my broken shoe, I begin reminiscing on the memories we've had. lol Okay not really.  What I really was thinking, was about all of the fashion mistakes I've encountered over the years.  Here are a few examples, to name a few:

  • Swim Top Flew Off while on a roller coaster.
  • Shorts destroyed and exposed my butt while walking (let's just say to never trying making home made bleached shorts).
  • Handle fell off purse and items instead fell down the drain.
The list goessss on and on.  But today's post is meant to inspire you.   What you wear doesn't define who you are.  Who you are defines you and what you wear is a way to express it.  Even if your favorite pair of shoes or favorite top withers away or even your style changes, you will always remain.

When I broke my shoe, I didn't realize how attached I was to it.  I thought, wow I spent a lot of money in the shoe.  At the same time, I had the shoe for over 5 years. That shoe have seen more situations than I have lol..  But I was so connected.  Insomuch, that I didn't want to throw it away, I looked up shoe shops and even if my shoe couldn't be fixed, I plan to put it on display.

Ultimately, I feel it was the fear of letting go.  But I've learned that the more I experience, the more I'm changing.  And what I used before isn't always meant to be used again.

I say all that to say, it's okay to be fearful.  That fear brings you enough courage to try something new.

I hope you enjoy this post!  Comment below and tell me about your horror fashion stories!!

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