Overcoming Stress with Fashion!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lately, I've been in a real funk.  I literally wake up to same routine.  Today during brunch I was asked "So how is your blog coming along?".  I thought to myself and asked myself the same thing.

Unfortunately, I made every excuse about why I wasn't posting instead of being honest.  The more I shared my ideas and the things that were getting in the way, I didn't realize how much my face was telling on me.  And then it happened, my friend yelled:

"BRITTANY, You're Stressed Out!!"

Of course I didn't want to admit it, but I came across this book called "Undress Your Stress" by Lois B Levy.

Undress Your Stress is one of those carry with you on the go books.  It's a really neat self help book that help you find ways to take a lot of things that triggers stress, off of our shoulders.

As you all are aware, my blog focuses primarily on Psychology and Fashion.  So after reading a few pages, I thought to myself "hmmm how could I help myself become stress free".

Everyone at one point talks about how they need "Retail Therapy".  I literally make an excuse to shop daily lol  So I figured, "What if I use something that I enjoy most to alleviate my frustrations that would turn into stress.

Of course my pockets are mad empty, so shopping until I drop isn't the best option.  However, each daily I struggle with trying to figure out what to wear lol.  Usually, my frustrations occur either if I'm running late for work, at work and ready to go or just because I'm mad at the world lol.

So this week, i think it's time to come up with an adventure that would help manage my emotions while having fun.  And I would love for you to join me!

I'll give it a month to test out.  And when we connect, I'll share my findings!

How do you alleviate stress? Comment below!

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