Three Rules I Broke As A Blogger at NYFW!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cues Music.. "It's My Birthday... It's My Birthday..." 

Hey guys!! This past weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday at New York Fashion Week!  While NYFW has become a part of my normal biannual routine, each time I attend, I experience and learn something new.

NYFW is one of the largest fashion parties anyone could attend.  Whether you rock the front row like the elite, or work behind the scenes with street style; NYFW is where inspiration comes to life.

As a blogger, usually NYFW means:
  • Waking up mad early to frantically look for something to wear.
  • Waiting years to enter a show to only sit seconds until you're back out the door.
  • Eating a granola bar to hold you over while posing for a pic to put on IG.
Only to start the process over again with an outfit change. 

Last NYFW, I experienced fashion week a little differently. I documented my experience as attending UNINVITED.  I was so impressed at how much I enjoyed myself that since it was my birthday, I decided to break a few rules.  And here's what I did:

  1.  Avoided Social Media
I knowwwwwwwwwwwww, you're probably wondering "is she crazy"?  Maybe I am.  But hear me out!  Usually, I live to capture every moment I experience.  I'm glued to my Instagram like my skin is to my bones.  But I've found that I usually miss out on important moments due being distracted by the posts I'm thinking of a caption for or gazing to see the amount of likes I received. 

Instead, I opt to live in the moment and only snap specific elements so when it's time to reflect, I will be reminded of how amazing my experience was.

2. Dressed in Regular Everyday Wear

This was probably the lightest and smallest suitcase I've ever packed in my life.  Even my overnight bags are packed to the max!!!

But doing a billion outfit changes for the sole purpose for looking instafly, I instead opt for a more comfortable and casual (but chic) look at would last all day.

Why it worked?  The stress level didn't exist.  I made it to all the events/shows on time and was able to capture the street style of others along the way.  Plus, I still turned a few heads lol

3. Pretended I Wasn't a Blogger
Say Whatttt?  Yes, I acted as if I was just beginning with my interest in Fashion.  It's cool and all to meet bloggers who are like-minded, but at the same time it's hard when you feel as though you have to compete against the crowd.  

Instead, I focused on meeting new people and learning from the elite.  It's amazing what awesome tips people give and how much you learn when you don't act like you know everything.  

Overall, the more and more I take a non-traditional approach to blogging, the more I find myself  enjoying the experience.

What blogging tips do you have? Comment Below!

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