Goodbye, Farewell Stylish Ego

Monday, March 05, 2018

After almost 5 years of its establishment, The Stylish Ego is retiring!!!!

The journey has been one heck of a ride  The experiences The Stylish Ego conquered were beyond expectations. 

The Stylish Ego, started as a coping method that turned into one of the most precious moments on my life.

Insomuch, that I feel it's the perfect time to REBRANDDDDD!!!!  You really think I was going to let The Stylish Ego gooooo???? Heck Noooooo!!!

The Stylish Ego is evolving and with evolution comes change. 

The Stylish Ego will transform into a lifestyle brand but it will take a little surgery.

No worries though.  I will still blog occasionally andddddd of course you can stalk my IG.

In the meantime, I will prepare thorough content, collab with amazing brands, introduce new features andddddd take you along the way!!!

I am happy to announce that I will relaunch in the Fall 2018 and I can't wait to share with you my updates along the way!!

What did you love most about The Stylish Ego?!  Comment Below!

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