Shea Moisture Brand Ambassador 2018 Announcement!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Yesssss, you're reading that correctly!!!! I am officially a 2018 Shea Moisture Brand Ambassador.

What a way to end my favorite month!  When I announced on social media, I was asked a series of questions.  I thought I would take a moment to answer on the blog.

If you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador, I hope the following information would be helpful!

I.  How Did You Find Out?
ANSWER: I absolutely adore the Shea Moisture brand.  I literally stalk their social media platforms and website daily.  Whether for inspiration or information, Shea Moisture is a brand that I trust will deliver information that I'm looking for. And when they announced it on Instagram, I took my chance.

TIP 101: Be the ULTIMATE FAN!!! Follow your favorite brand on all social networks.  Brands typically give exclusive insight/deals to their loyal fans! Occasionally, tag brands in your posts and even engage with brands' posts/content.

II. What Did You Have to Do?

ANSWER:  My submission required that I submit a video that was 30 seconds or less.  In my video, I expressed the reasons why I love Shea Moisture and why I would like to be a Sheabassador.

TIP 101:  Be Yourself!!! You don't know if you'll get it, if you don't seek out the opportunity.  I was sick and didn't think I would have a chance, but I did it anyway!

III.  What's Next?!

ANSWER:  Soooo I will receive and review Shea Moisture Products.  There are certain requirements I must fulfill, however I will have the opportunity to share a few goodies with you!  Stay Tune!

TIP 101:  Be prepared to create dope content.  You never know what opportunities may open as a result!

I know this post is mad short.  And not detailed.  But I assure you, I have new updates coming!!

What are your favorite Shea Moisture Products?  Comment Below!

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