The Stylish Ego Presents: The Style Edit

Sunday, May 27, 2018

While in a dressing room next to me, a kid yells "mom, you're so beautiful".  The mom replied "aww thanks hun, but it doesn't really fit all that well".

What the kid said next, I couldn't help but be impressed. "But you wear dad's t-shirts all the time...they don't fit and he says you're beautiful."

Like this mom, sometimes I find myself, really liking an item but not getting it because I get so caught up in how I feel it "should fit".

But this experience was a kind reminder that personal style is a feature that makes individuality exists!  In fact, I'm inspired to reveal a new feature of The Stylish Ego.

Anddddddd... I introduce to you "THE STYLE EDIT".  The Style Edit is the who, what, when and how to wear and do fashion. The Style Edit features content that focuses on the latest trends, DIY's, Style Guides, how-to's and so much more!

And guess what?!!! You'll get a sneak peak soon!

So stay tune!

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