Be Your Own #Goals!

Saturday, June 09, 2018

A really quiet voice said "young lady, you're so beautiful".  I turned around to find an older man, slumped over his cane.  Despite sweating enough water to feed the sea, I fought the urge to complain and politely answered, "Aww Thanks".

I wasn't sure if my face read "I don't believe you" or because I legit felt I was two seconds from a heat stroke, but he reiterated "No, seriously you're beautiful because you took a moment to smile".

He indicated that Smiling doesn't cost a thing but it's worth more than money can buy.  He encouraged me to keep smiling because I never know who made need it.

With that said, I was captivated at how something as small as a smile could make such an impact.  I often grow frustrated trying to figure out an outfit or a caption.  Insomuch, I get lost in my goal.

As The Stylish Ego, it is my goal to empower women to take control of their insecurities.  By implementing Style tips into their daily routine, it is my prayer that women walk away feeling confident about who they are and not to worry about how they look.

This moment reminded me of my very purpose and I hope it inspire you to be your own goals.  Find inspiration in yourself and realize that you have the ability to make an impact that could potentially change lives.

I encourage you today to push yourself and don't give up!! Comment below and tell me what are your goals?

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