Style Resolutions: How I’m Changing My Personal Style

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

2020 is officially here and it’s that time of the year in which we set breakable resolutions.  While I’m excited about a new year, I’ve been feeling a little bored with my wardrobe. So why not use the new year as an excuse to buy more clothes -ha ha.

I made a list of all the elements I felt my wardrobe lacked but realigning my style was harder than expected.  However, if you’re interested in implementing a new style then I hope you are inspired to try a few of these techniques!

Style Resolutions

I absolutely love my minimalistic style and I live for classic pieces that withstand time. But I’m eager to discover my highest style  potential. So, I knew it was essential to step out of my comfort zone and go against the grain of my personal style. Which made it a bit easier to set style goals. Here’s what’s on my list:

1.     Incorporate Bold Colors

      I’m not a fan of wearing colors. I usually play it too safe. My love-hate relationship with colors stemmed from the fear of my sweat appearing on my clothing. In my previous attempts to explore colors, I found myself sticking to neutrals in warm climates and deep brown tones during the colder months.

2.     Develop a Sporty Street Style

     It’s no surprise I struggle with separating my weekday style from the weekend.  My closet is filled with blouses, blazers and heels. In fact, I own only one pair of sneakers. (Don’t judge me).

3.     Avoid Compromising Comfort

     It’s been said that it hurts to look beautiful. But there’s no way I wanted to compromise my comfort just to try something new. So it was important that as I ventured off in a new realm of style, that I’m as comfortable as possible. (blog post coming soon)

Style Techniques

Now for the record, I’m not a style expert (yet). I just like taking risks and these three simple steps jumpstart my journey.

1.     Find a Style Inspo

     Anything can be found if you look for it. Pinterest and Instagram were the easiest options to explore looks that captured my eye. I was very specific in what I was looking for. I searched things such as “bold winter colors”, “colorful winter outfits”, “ colorful winter street style”.  Being specific definitely narrowed my options.

2.     Replicate a Look

     After my research, I discovered that many of the posts that I liked were inspired by European Street Style. Everything about their looks screams carefree, confident and sporty. So, I found a few looks to test and went shopping. I wanted to see what colors worked well with my skin tone, what styles were most flattering to my body type and which styles I could see myself incorporating into my lifestyle.

3.   Incorporate New Pieces With Old Ones

      Again, I love my personal style and many of the pieces in my closet I absolutely love. Though, I wanted to switch up my style, it was important that I would be able to mix and match my signature pieces with my new ones. I didn’t want to buy pieces that could only be worn one way. So I recommend seeing how the new pieces can be combined to pieces you already have to enhance your look.

The Result: Neon Sporty Chic 

By pairing my new neon green puffer coat with my monochromatic mood, I was able to create this sporty yet chic look! I would normally wear a blazer with this turtleneck and leggings but the jacket changes the look completely.

I have a long way to go with achieving my style goals but this experience has been incredible so far!!!

What are your 2020 style goals? Comment Below!


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