Yes, I've Found The Perfect Blazer To Wear All Fall 2020!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Blazer | Cami | Denim (Similar)

When I have no idea what to wear, I usually grab a blazer.   A blazer is the only piece in my wardrobe that I know is stylish for any occasion and suitable for any season.  This why it's the ultimate staple! 

Think about it!  What clothing item, you know can be paired with all of your wardrobe favorites.  I'll Wait!  Not only that but can dress any outfit up or down?... I'll Wait!

With the seasons changing, it's no surprise that a blazer is the first item of choice to transition between seasons.   

And I've found the perfect blazer to wear all Fall 2020! Here's Why!

1. It's Versatile 

One of my current Fall Fashion Goals, is to incorporate more texture and warmth to my Fall wardrobe. However, keeping up with seasonal trends can be frustrating.  It was important that I implement pieces that were trendy but not necessarily trending.  This Tan Satin Express Blazer was the solution to my dilemma. 

I could just about where this blazer anywhere.  Paired with a graphic tee, leather pants and pumps and I'm ready for a night out with the ladies.  Thrown over the shoulder of my favorite little black dress, and my man will fall in love all over again.

2. Stylish

I usually run in the opposite direction of seasonal trends but Neutrals are in this season and I'm obsessed with this tan color.  It's satin texture makes it fashion forward and definitely steps away from the traditional "paper bag" looking blazer.

It's an oversized boyfriend fit so if you like a little extra coverage, the length provides it.  Though it does become wrinkled over time, I love that it adds a little character to my fit.  

3.  Comfortable

That beauty is pain statement is plain gibberish.  I refuse to compromise comfort to be cute.  This blazer offers the flexibility needed to be cute and feel good while wearing it.  I wore this blazer for 12 hours straight while running errands, socializing (from a distance) and not to mention while kicking it on the couch.  

So, whether you're meeting that Tinder date for the first time or preparing for an above the shoulder Zoom meeting, then you need this blazer- ha ha.  

What Fall styles are you liking at the moment?  Comment Below!


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