Welcome: The Stylish Ego!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome to my Blog! 
-The Stylish Ego... Eccentric Glamorous Original!

I'm uber excited about introducing The Stylish Ego to you all.  I never imagined combining FASHION with PSYCHOLOGY.  But I will attempt to diagnose our ego's stylish side!  I know, I know... You're probably wondering, "how is she going to do that"!? 

Well, when you think of Ego what comes to mind?  I would think of things like; Self-Perception or a self-concious.. What about Style?...Things like fashion may come to mind or our individuality...

Each of us have our own perceptions of how we view ourselves (Ego) and our personality may shape how we present ourselves to others (Style)... But our sense of style change over time and within our Ego there hides a fashion disorder that needs diagnosing! 

Here at the Stylish Ego, I hope you awake that part of style in you that separates your Ego from the rest !!!
Enjoy and Welcome to THE STYLISH EGO!!!

Bri Peterson

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