Perfect Imperfections: (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Insecurities are so overrated!!! In fact they're contagious and addictive so stay away before you catch it! Think about the last time you've looked in the mirror. Ahhhhhhhh were you hideous? Lol. Of course not. However, somehow we fail to hear that gentle voice that's screaming you're beautiful (Thanks Super-Ego)! We are our biggest critics...But regardless of what you think you see in the mirror, stop talking about a flaw that doesn't exist and hear your inner Ego speak.
We all have something we may not like about ourselves and today's feature will address challenging our Perfect Imperfections...

Psychology's Closet: Psychology calls our perceived imperfections: Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I know it sounds infectious but BDD happens when we intensely obsess over our appearance. We either constantly think about an imagined flaw or find extreme ways to fix our image--like surgery. I know you're over there in denial so let's look at your ego from a stylish angle.

Your Ego: Let's call this, Fashion Stylemorphic Disorder! You find everything wrong with a particular style rather than embracing trying something new... We do this all the time. We complain that nothing seems to fit or look right, the color doesn't match my complexion,I don't look like the model, It's cute on the rack but not on my back... Sounds like you? Still in denial? If not, here's a fun way to support overcoming our perfect imperfections..

Stylish Ego's Challenge: STEP AWAY FROM THE MIRROR! I challenge you to find a particular look from a mag, web, mannequin, etc and mimic it. When shopping for the look don't try it on (unless you're unsure about your size/fit) but don't look in the mirror! Don't try it, just buy it and wear it confidently. How can you make up a negative self perception if you can't see yourself? You are supposed to make your outfit pop. Clothes do not make you! Let your personality shine! Try it and email me your results...I'll feature you on my blog!

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" We're a peculiar people... Fearfully & Wonderfully made"

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