Can't Breathe?! : (Claustrophobia)

Monday, September 09, 2013

What's up with society wearing everything so tight??? You have women busting it open with cleavages, camel toes and extra back pieces. And then you have men with front to back wedgies-I mean skinny jeans. The ultimate goal is to accentuate our bodies in the most flattering way but instead I find that we make ourselves look overstuffed, uncomfortable and constipated. How about we move away from looking like the Wayans brothers in the movie White Chicks and push toward a more appealing look!

Psychology's Closet
We use Claustrophobia so lightly but don't realize it's a fear! The fear of being enclosed or confined in closed or crowded spaces is an idea of what Claustrophobia consist of. Someone with this fear may panic when triggered in spaces that may seem comfortable and normal to someone else. This panic may cause a person to sweat, increase heart rate, hyperventilate or even faint- anxiety attack. But can you breathe? Let's see...

Your Ego
There's nothing funny about Claustrophobia. However, I find it extremely hilarious that we are completely oblivious at the fact that we confine our bodies... We leap, dance and wiggle our way into our jeans. We restitch the seam that slowly unravels in our blouses. We sweat profusely in areas unmentionable. Our flexibilty is limited. Ughhh the AGONY! We ignore the symptoms that are triggered as a result of wearing our clothing too tight! But are you ready to be comfortable? Here's a self fit check to ensure a great fit!

Stylish Ego's Challenge
Abuse The Dressing Rooms Do not walk out of that store unless you are absolutely sure you have an amazing fit. Here are some simple techniques that you can try while shopping or at home!
Self Hugs: Give yourself a hug. If you can't comfortably embrace yourself without feeling the pull on your shoulders than it's too tight.
Take A Seat: The seats in the dressing room have a purpose! Slowly lower yourself unto the seat. If you feel a tightness in the crotch area or a slight breeze behind than it doesn't fit.
Dance as if the Paparazzi is waiting: If all else fails move every part of your body. You know how much you move. Ultimately, you want a nice LOOSE FIT So dance! Make sure you can move easily without discomfort or adjusting...It's Time to Breathe!

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