Cognitive Dissonance: Mixing & Matching

Monday, October 07, 2013

Remember your first time dressing yourself as a kid? Well I do! I remember pulling out my green dickies shorts, my yellow k-swiss shoes and my pink princess nightie top. What a mess! A cute mess I must say. Today, it's consider COLORBLOCKING!!! Since my younger years, things haven't quite change. In fact, mixing and matching colors and patterns are big in the culture of fashion!

Psychology's Closet
We seek some type of consistency/balance- Beleive it or not! When we believe a certain way about something but our behavior contradicts our view, that uncomfortable feeling we feel is considered Cognitive Dissonance. In order to reduce this the discomfort we're motivated to either: 1.Change our behavior 2. Change our view towards our behavior to make it acceptable or 3. Find reasons that support our behavior.
For example, you believe cheating is bad. Unprepared for a test, you cheat. You feel awful about it. To justify your actions, you said you cheated because you needed to pass. Overall, we seek balance and Cognitive Dissonance definitely have an influence on the way we think and operate.

Your Ego
Everything Matches! From your shoes to your purse... From your purse to your accessories... All the way to your lingerie. Ok, maybe not. But there's consistency with your wardrobe. You wear your striped top faithfully with your denim, pastel in the spring and earthtones in the fall. There's absolutely nothing wrong your colors matching each other and your clothing matching each season! I'm a fan of embracing our personal styles, but every once in a while it's ok to change it up, even if you don't agree! ;)

Stylish Ego's Challenge
Wear what you want!!!! As kids, all that mattered was the idea of being able to dress ourselves. In our minds, we wore our confidence! Why not do the same now?!!! Change it up a little bit. Wear polka dots and stripes. Color block with pops of colors or shades of grey!!! Go against the grain and change it up a little! Until next time have fun dressing up!!!

Until Next Time,
XoXo- Bri!

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