Friday Night Finds: Wearing Five Facts About Me!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Outside of uniform, have you ever thought about the reasons you wear what you wear? Were you inspired by someone else? Were you too lazy to put together an outfit? Did you simply like what you chose ? Whatever your reason, Individuality, Personality, Favorites and so forth I believe defines our personal style; which makes us unique.

Fashion is all around us, it's used, abuse and tossed around. But Style is personal. Only you can create. Only you can wear. Tonight's post I'm making into a series of "Friday Night Finds. You'll be surprised at how much our style reveals about us with having to say a word. In this post you will see how my favorites, random facts and other aspects of my life are reflected into my outfit.

This look encompass 5 things about me.
1. Brown is my favorite color. I love earthtones- I think that's why I can be real laid back!
2. I'm a professional. So Blazers are my best friend. They change an outfit instantly.
3. I'm really shy but when I'm around people, I'm the one everyone leaves knowing. Therefore #Patterns I'm obsessed with. Today I chose the beautiful leopard.
4. I love making people feel awkward. I know it's strange but the reactions of those are endless... I guess that's why I love #Statement pieces.
5. I'm very random. Today I'm here and Tomorrow I'm there. Because of my unpredictable-ness (Is that a word?) I threw in fish net stockings!!!

And together I have a cute fit for a date or a shopping trip!
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