Tuesday Thrifted Treasures!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I totally get why people say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Because I absolutely have fallen in love with thrifting! I admit, I used to cringe at the idea of shopping through other persons' old clothing. But I've learned that the opportunities are endless. Tonight as I share my tuesday thrift treasure, be mindful that you can make anything out of some of the most simpliest pieces. So when you go thrifting, don't go in with the mindset of finding matching pieces or expensive looks. Though you might be lucky, it's best to go in with the idea of creating your own personal style from a recycled yet fashionable pieces.

Stylish Ego's Challenge
Take your time and be patient.
Don't shop your size.
Create pieces. Example: If you see a super long skirt, hem the front and transform it into a hi-low skirt. or If you find a loose fitted button up top, transform it into a really unique vest.
You won't always find something but don't get discouraged. Just try again next time!
Let me know your thrift findings and I'll feature you on tuesdays!!!

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