Inseparable Fashion Hoarder: (Separation Anxiety Disorder)

Monday, March 03, 2014

Sometimes things are really hard to let go!!! Think about something or someone you've been holding on to for far too long?!! Taking up major space in life's closets? Well maybe it's time to finally clean them out!!! As much as I love fashion, I understand my clothes aren't attached to me like a beauty mole. It's ok to keep a few staple pieces but if you're INSEPARABLE, then, MR & MS EGO we have a problem! Time to let go!

Psychology's Closet: We all experience a little Separation Anxiety from time to time. You may deny it but Separation Anxiety happens when a person is extremely clingy towards something, refuses to engage in something else and makes excuses to keep her grip. Overall, in the event it would separate her from whatever it may be, she will feel and react in some type of way. Are you holding on too tight? Let's see...

Your Ego: Let's be real, you're a Fashion Hoarder! You refuse to throw away anything and create excuses to justify keeping it. "It's motivation to lose weight." "It has sentimental value." "It was a gift." "I will buy something to go with it." Does this sound like you? If so, follow these steps and separate yourself from the clutter in your closet. After all, no matter how much you love fashion, who really wants to be buried alive?

Stylish Ego's Challenge:
Answer these questions and add up your points!
1. Separate items you haven't worn in the past year.
2. Consider the reasons why you haven't worn it. 0. Wrong Season 1. On Sale 2. It's Ugly 3. Wrong Size
3. How valuable is it? 0. Heirloom 1. Expensive 2. Gift 3. Not at all (it was free, a deal)
4. Have you worn it? 1. Yes 2. Plan to 3. No

0-3: Repurpose it! Your Ego is creative enough to find another way to wear it! So go ahead, search the web and find inspirations!
3-6: Donate it! Let someone else find a better use for it! All of the looks featured were the result of someone throwing them away and me finding them!!!
6-9: Toss it! Either donate it, give it away, throw it away! Just get rid of it!!! You're just wasting space in your closet!

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