Styling From The Bottom!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Are you stuck with items unworn, with tags or dust?   Too often do we shop for a complete outfit and only get to rock it once.  BORING!  It's time to pair our oooh so amazing pieces with everyday ready to wear items.

This week the stylish ego challenges everyone to style from the bottom!

Sunday: Shoes
Monday: Bottoms
Tuesday: Accessories
Wednesday: Tops
Thursday: Blazer/Jacket
Friday: Hat/Scarf
Saturday: Longest Unworn/Oldest item with tags.

So let's see those looks! What outfits will you create from these daily pieces??!

Here's my Monday look!

This awesome cream H&M skirt was sitting in my closet for two years.  I loved the lace details but never paired it with anything. Until Today!

To celebrate Memorial Day I decided to rock a red Charlotte Russe Crochet Top.  It has frills at the end, but tucking it in made this outfit absolutely amazing!!

Sheesh, What had taking me so long to pair items!! I look forward to Tuesdays pairings!! Good Luck!

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