The Stylish Ego: Update!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As you've guessed, The Stylish Ego is under major construction.  Inside and Out!  I decided to give my Psyched Out Beauts and Gents an update!

The Stylish Ego originally was designed to combine Psychological Disorders with Fashion Trends.  By combining the two, I hoped that women and men would be able to identify their own Fashion Disorders and be able to develop a personal style.  Challenges would give these men and women a few ideas on where to begin the process ( Kind of like THERAPY).

Starting August 25th, The Stylish Ego will not only focus on Fashion Disorders but also our Disorderly Lifestyles.  The Stylish Ego I hope will be a place where people of all backgrounds and surroundings to embrace trying something new and develop a sense of confidence that is out of this world.

Be Blessed Blessings!!!

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