Psychology Meet Fashion! Here's what's New at The Stylish Ego!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Well hello Egos and Egurls!

Here's what's new at The Stylish Ego!

Diagnosing the Psyche that Defines our Ego's Style has been fun!  But I felt the Stylish Ego was missing something.  That something is you!

As you know the standard of beauty is ridiculous.  It's unfortunate that we go above and beyond measures to obtain it.  As the Stylish Ego, my goal is to help you discover the confidence in you.  By borrowing from Psychological disorders and principles, I hope to incorporate them into interesting challenges and help you see how your personality makes you a Stylish Individual.

But I can't do it without you!  So without further ado,
Here's what's new!!!

The Stylish Ego has a FEATURES section!  Here The Stylish Ego will feature the personalities and street styles of everyday people!  Even better, The Stylish Ego will diagnose them right on the spot! Wanna be Featured?  

The most amazing thing about our personalities is that not one of us is a like.  Not only this but, there's so many things to experience.  The Daily Dose will feature everything from DIY's to YUMMY's.  You never know what to expect with The Stylish Ego's Daily Dose.  It's something you don't want to miss!

Last but not least, the Stylish Ego will have a store!  That's right.  Here you'll find everything Stylish Ego.  The shop doesn't launch until 2015.  But sample sales will happen soon!  So stay tune!

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