Sexless & Stuck Dating In DC: Sneak Peek

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Reality of Dating 

Besides finding a park in DC, one of the hardest things to endure is DATING. Who would have thought that finding a man would be as hard as finding Waldo on a sheet of paper.   And the sad thing is that they're everywhere.  No matter where you turn there's every species of every type of man you could ever imagine (Drools)

..Wait...Probably not your MCM type of guy but definitely someone hashtag worthy, even if like Welven ha ha (Got Em).  However, despite so many options, unfortunately there's a billion dehydrated ratchets after them. And vice versa for men.

My Reality of Dating

Sooooo what happens when you meet that one person you weren't looking for but happened to find? He or She is all you've ever dreamed of but there's just one problem. He or She is NOT HAVING SEX!! (Slams on Brakes) Wait what?  Are you kidding me???  Well that seems to be what guys think of me.  They see a pretty face and is taken away by my personality until I tell them I'm waiting for marriage for sex. ( I've deleted 100's of guys out of my phone now that I think of it lol )

Sheesh.... But so what!!!  Why is it an issue?  If you can't wait, then you're not him.  What about those as myself who want more than a just good time?  After all, we're more than a wink and two drinks. Too often people just want to Yo Gotti us when in all actuality the only thing going down in my DM is me blocking you. lol... In any event there are women and men out there as myself who are willing to wait.  But for how long?  And at what cost?  Is is worth it?   Hmmm....

Your Reality of Dating

Despite what you think, I'm not alone.  And SEXLESS & STUCK DATING IN DC is a new series that will explore the avenues of dating along with men and women who've made the choice to wait. Whether it's based on their faith or simply based on experiences, this series will tell real stories of real people who are single, sexless and stuck dating in DC. And the cool thing is that it will be interactive.  Launching February 21st, you'll get a first look at the struggles, the humor, the secrets of being SEXLESS and DATING in DC.  Follow me on all social media platforms for more details!! Until then, tell me what you think.

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