Sexless & Dating in DC Episode One: Brittany's Story

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Waves.. Hi I'm Brittany.  And I'm Sexless.  I wanted to introduce the series starting with myself to give you an idea of how this will go and to hopefully open the door for others to share their opinions.

Sighs.. I admit... dating while sexless is something else.  I appreciate that guys find me attractive but the moment they mention sex I cringe.  Ughhh... why must men think with their "wing mans" and not their actual brains... Sheesh I'm at a place in which I can't even hug a guy, kiss a guy, let alone hold a guy's hands without them wanting me to touch "him".  Who the heck is him, I thought I was supposed to get to know you.  But meeting a guy is not the issue, in fact I was DM'd five times prior to posting... lol... And yet everyone still wonders why I'm single.

Why is Brittany Single?

I get asked this question every single day. But does it really matter?  It's partial choice and partial experience.  Guys don't know how to take their time nowadays. I'm like wine shoot sweeter with time. Besides who I'm waiting for is waiting for me. Wait, looking for me.  Is it too much to want substance. And quite frankly, I have yet to meet someone of substance without them telling me the things they could do with my petite body.  I'll rather be single than bring a guy sexual frustrations.

Why is Brittany Sexless?

Someone once asked me if not having sex was "arbitrary". Are you being black arbitrary? Once he answers that, then that'll answer his question ha ha... But seriously, It started off as a movement of faith but after being in unhealthy relationships that made me more guarded of my heart, I not only wanted to wait for God but also for myself.  

Dating Experiences?

Now I've tried every avenue of dating. You name it, I tried it. Everything from black people meet to sitting at a bar and drinking cranberry juice in a wine glass lol.... The desire is there. Despite actually dating someone currently, I've come to realize that love has to find me.  I need to be patient.  I'm learning to enjoy the moment and stop thinking to far ahead.  I know my previous impatience pushed guys away.  But I'm learning and waiting.  ha ha... 

Dating in DC?

Though there are billions of options in DC, it's tough.  First there's attraction then there's gathering data.  But what happens next after that is where the line is drawn with me.  I went on a date one time a guy literally through his tongue down my throat in public.  He talked about how he wanted to pinch his nipples and scratch his chest. So uncomfortable and very scary.  I've never felt so worthy in my life. I'm not a one night stand.  Shoot I will buy my own meal if that's what you're looking for.

Brittany's Advice?

Sexless Singles, know that you're not alone!!!!  I'm happy to share my story and I look forward to telling yours.  I advise that you stay true to you.  Don't compromise.  Whether you're waiting for marriage or for true love, don't let anyone change your mind.  My grandmother tells me all the time that "two souls walk the same path and love allows them to meet in the middle.  Though they may get distracted along the way, eventually they'll meet"

For now I'll keep walking and enjoy the view!  Wanna see it with me?

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Next Saturday:  J.Elle's Sexless Story

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