Weekend Confessions: Bet You Didn't Know: I Had a Sugar Daddy

Friday, March 11, 2016

I've never really had a sweet tooth until I met "Him".  Though the cavities in my mouth may say otherwise ( I love cupcakes), I've never really had to curb my appetite until I met "Him".  Every time I thought about Him, "Chocolate High by India Arie" would play in my head.  It's funny 'cause he was far from Chocolate but definitely from the Mother Land.  Not only did his accented words move me but he was fluent in French.  He probably cursed me out a few times in French, I wouldn't know, I can barely speak English ha ha.  But it was just something about he that was so mesmerizing until....

Wait...How Did We Meet?

Online!  A friend of my mine had the dopest Sugar Daddy.  Despite being a billion years old, He was hot as (ahhhhhhhhh) shut your mouth... And when she was spoiled so was I. (that's my best friend, best friend, go best friend).. So of course I was intrigued. Now I admit I was nervous because sugar daddies want SUGAR. And I can be salty, but  I knew what I was getting myself into.  Not only that but I didn't want anyone to know.

Posting my pic online and creating a profile took a lot of balls.  I definitely didn't want to run into anyone I knew, but it was a risk I was willing to take. Stupid curiosity just had to come back once it killed the cat. -_-  Buttttt...to my defense..  Disclaimer: My goal was to convey that I was looking for love.  And with love being my motive, I didn't desire a sugar daddy/ baby relationship but an experience to be loved and not have to work lol.  It wasn't that easy. Sigh.

I Was Catfished

It wasn't hard grasping the attention of men.  But the one I wanted was something else. He had a charming smile and his profile fit my needs.  In fact his approach was completely different than the other men.  He hit me with the "Is it bad I'm intrigued by your smile and I would love to get to know the woman behind that smile"  *Faints.... Boy don't make me come through the computer and hashtag the love out of you... Unfortunately, I noticed the same pic on several profiles.  Sadly I located the actual guy and turns out he's gay. And I was over it... lol

Then Came My Sugar

After a 3 month hiatus from the site I logged in to deactivate it because the idea of a sugar daddy became non-existent.  However, upon logging in I had 103 missed messages. (I Slay).  *flips weave.  Of course curiosity tapped my shoulder and it was on and popping.  Interesting enough, I only responded to the most recent message from a guy who happened to be charming, young and my sugar daddy.

He was everything I could ever imagine.  He was patient, observant and hardworking.  He was funny, energetic.  He cooked for me and always had a fun fact to teach me.  He always wanted me around, even if for a brief second.  He wasn't demanding but when he called I came running.  He was perfect except he was not attractive... (where's the omg emoji face when i need it). 

But Then Came His Wife

He had a body of a goddess but a face of an underwater creature.  Dang that was mean.  :(   But with time, his personality won me over.  Just when I was finally at a place I wasn't nauseated from looking at him, I found out the worst.  He was married!!!!!!! 

WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...fish stick... yes married.  But it made sense.  He never asked for sex which is why I was so grateful.  He had a wife that pleased him physically but needed fulfillment in the years he lost in his prime. He wanted adventure.  Though we spent alot of time with each other, the time was strategic.  And I didn't have to give up any of me to enjoy a moment of bliss.

So there you have it!  I had a sugar daddy for a few months.  But would never set myself up again! ha ha... Whew felt good to get that off of my chest... 

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