August Newsletter: Empowerment & Personality Disorders!

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Oooooohhh It's August and you know what that means?   Fall is just around the corner.  I know, who really wants to kiss Summer goodbye?  But, with the treacherous heats and bi-polar weather, I actually can wait to revisit again next year.

Any whoooo...I'm super excited that it's August, as it will begin a new segment of The Stylish Ego. This month is inspired by Personality Psychology.  People are very interesting and I feel we all have split personalities lol, but it's nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, each post will present a challenge, to help empower you to embrace your personality.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, The Stylish Ego will bring new posts.  Mondays will feature our Daily Reads.  Daily Reads will include trending topics and motivating moments.  Despite being the middle of the week, Wednesdays will feature our Pillow Talks.  Pillow Talks, is an open discussion about all things Style, Fashion, Life and Psychology.  Fridays just might be my favorite! Fridays will be all about you.  Fridays, will include features or ideas from my readers!!! I can't wait to see what you all think of.

Ooops, how could I forget our Weekends!  Weekends will give you a behind the scenes view of The Stylish Ego.  You never know what to expect on the Weekend.  Follow The Stylish Ego on social media, you'll always find a hint on upcoming posts!

In fact, tune in Friday!  The Stylish Ego was recently told that she's borderline "Passive Aggressive". Want to see how she became inspired by the comment?  Visit, for more!

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