Fashion's Side Chick: The Passive Aggressive One

Friday, August 05, 2016

The other day, my guy told me I was borderline, "Passive Aggressive".  (spits out drink)... Wait, what? Girl, yes.  But what's crazy, is that in my head, I'm the coolest person in this world. lol   Maybe it's the Narcissist in me but I understand that even cool people have strong personality traits. I admit, hearing those comments caused me to display even more aggression but his words, also inspired this post.


The best way for me to describe Passive Aggressiveness is that, it is a way to intentionally make a specific statement in an indirect way.  Those who possess this trait, tend to behave or react a certain way to a situation (stimulus) to grasp one's attention or to make a point. I'll use myself as an example, (uh oh, I hope I don't get myself in trouble).


When someone says something I don't like, I can respond a bit sarcastically (it's a defense mechanism- I'm working on it guys, sheesh). Other times I'll keep silent and act like I didn't hear them or I'll snap back with one word responses such as, "okay".  This may continue with me doing little stuff to annoy the person who offended me or avoid  (or procrastinate) doing things they may have asked me to do.  I'll stop there, cause now I'm freaking myself out (I'm annoying lol).


Overall, my personal style screams Passive Aggression.  When I put on an outfit, the ultimate goal is to grasp your attention by making a statement without actually saying a word to you.  Whether, it's my chunky feet, squeezed into heels; a thought provoking, graphic tee; my bushy fro or even by showing some skin in my distressed jeans- my outfit some way, some how should speak to you.

Top & Bottom x Forever 21      Sandals x Aldo     Bag x Zara        Blazer x H&M

Like the Passive Aggressive personality trait, my style isn't at times straight forward. I may force patterns to match and add a statement piece to bring it all together,such as this mustard blazer.  In fact, my style doesn't make sense but it speaks volumes...It describes me.

So...Are you Passive Aggressive like me?  If not, what does your your personal style say about you? Comment Below!

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