How Curl Fest 2017 Changed My Life!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Stage fright without an audience is what I called it.  Not a single eye on me, but I couldn't move. Despite the impatient roars of voices that surrounded me, I heard nothing. I just stood in awe; observant but fully amazed at this breathtaking view.  My heart pranced as I grew overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.  You would think my excitement would force me to run wild like a child at a playground but I was so in love at first sight.  Insomuch, that its' grip suffocated me into a trance-like state.  And no I wasn't stuck in a sunken place lol---this moment was captured at CURL FEST!!!!

What is Curl Fest?

By now, you should know all about Curl Fest.  Some say it's the Coachella for Natural Hair and others express how it's the celebration of Coils, Kinks and Curls.  While I agree, I left Curl Fest, not thinking it was either of those.

Curl Fest left an everlasting imprint.  I'm so happy that I took that leap of faith because for me, Curl Fest was the moment I came to an understanding that it's okay to embrace my God given Glory.  It's as if I was that shy caterpillar that became a butterfly instantaneously.

You see, I woke up, for real.  I left Curl Fest loving every single strand of my imperfect kinks and for once I didn't feel the urge hide, the guilt I was felt for being Natural, went away.

How Curl Fest Changed My Life?

I went to Curl Fest expecting to network with Naturals alike, sample a few awesome products and take bomb pictures.  I swear, that heat had the grim reaper posted up waiting for me... So of course I forgot to do all of the above lol... But when it was said and done; and the DJ dropped the last beats;  I glanced once last time over my shoulders; to see my family.  So many people, who some way some how, is connected to me. And it was that Diversity and Authenticity that made me a proud of being nappy.

I've held my head of up high ever since.

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