Oh No!!! It's September!

Friday, September 01, 2017

Somehow, every September I set myself up for a fashion failure. *rolls eyes* Seriously though!  I literally throw on a pair of my thrifted 90's spandex, pop in my favorite middle school hip hop cassette tape and get drunk off of a gallon of grape soda.  

Okay not really, but something happens after I karate kick open the storage door.  Though I'm drowning in sea of un-curated  inspiration, it becomes unbelievably liberating.  However, in the midst of stunting in the mirror of my closet, Summer reminds me that Fall is yet so far away.

What a perfect way to blow my mood. Sigh...  While some may join in my excitement, others not so much.  Despite how you feel, September has so much to offer.  In fact, during September, The Stylish Ego, will focus on Mood Disorders, specifically Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  So if you find yourself feeling upset around this time every year, mostly like you're SAD... now wait, you're just Moody. ha ha... 

Either way, it's September, Egos!!!  Though, we can't change it, I can't wait to share ways to get excited.

Stay Tune Next Week as we prepare to attend New York Fashion Week.... Uninvited!

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