How to Attend Fashion Week...Un-Invited!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Oh Shiiii, I’m Screwed...
Those exact words came to mind the moment I realized I was stuck and alone in New York.  Despite having a plan prior, eventually it all plummeted into a spiraling episode of panic.  Nonetheless, these series of unfortunate events surprisingly turned out to be one of the greatest moments of my life.  

So, if you ever want to attend New York Fashion Week but don't have a plan, here’s what I learned from attending NYFW... UN-INVITED.

I. Intentionally Get Lost

New York City is truly a Concrete Jungle. No matter where I walked, there was something going on, on every corner.  My fascination forced me to make an unfamiliar place, my home.   During Fashion Week,  it's so easy to find inspiration, from someone's style, accent, hair and art.  Who knew, giving a compliment or asking for recommendations, would spark in depth conversations. 
Exploring New York without a GPS, allowed me to appreciate the culture that it attracts.  I ended the day, becoming best friends with complete strangers, learning more about potential events and understanding the true meaning of networking.  Wow, I actually connected with people on a concrete level in an abstract atmosphere.

II. Attend Non Fashion Related/Local Events

Brands understand that NYFW attract a diverse audience, especially startups.  Attending a Vera Wang runway show would be ideal, but don’t limit your experiences because of your expectations of Fashion Week:  
  • Use event search engines such as, EventBrite to find events nearby.   
  • Want to see what other NYFW attendees are doing?  Follow theme specific Hashtags, such as #NYFW, #THINGSTODOINNY or #NYEATS on Instagram.
  •  Research!! Search Google or check out local sites dedicated to NY events such as          NYCPlugged!
  • If all else fails, JUST ASK ha ha. No seriously, ask bloggers, locals, friends!
Using the tools above, I enjoyed a free concert hosted by Genius, Indulged at Unilever's Pop Up shops and was enchanted by Refinery29's 29Rooms.

 III.  Get Invited!!!

While I have yet to make my grand entrance at an official show, there are ways to get exclusive access into NYFW:
  • Contact the brand's PR team directly.
  • Purchase your experience.  NWFW now offers guests opportunities to enjoy an exclusive VIP experience.  To learn more, visit NYFW The Experience
  • Enter Contests!!!!
Texture on the Runway was such an incredible experience, but I would've never had the opportunity to go, had I not entered into a contest! 

Before You Go!

My NWFW experience showed me that "It's Okay to Embrace The Moment and Not Worry About What You Think You're Missing".

There's so much more for me to learn about NYFW and what it has to offer.  Though, I wasn't able to experience the Carrie Bradshaw glam of the runway, I still created an ultimate experience all on my own.  

Hope this post inspires you until next time...

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