Five Myths About Fashion

Friday, October 13, 2017

Oh boy it's Friday the 13th and everyone's superstitious radar is losing control.  I stepped on about  two and half cracks, broke my mini mirror and the side eye action I'm receiving is ridiculously overrated. Unless you believe in bad luck, for me it's not real.  So today's post is inspired by ideas that hold false beliefs concerning fashion.

I.  Black Makes You Look Skinnier
Black gives the illusion that it conceals. But it doesn't remove who you are.  If you were to wear the exact same style of dress in three different colors--Black, White and Plum, look at your shadow and your shape doesn't change. It is common for people to choose black to avoid criticism due insecurities. Black is beautiful.  It's simple, build-able and matches with anything (yessss anything). Find a "Style" that enhances your natural assets. Like my dress above?  Purchase HERE.  I embrace the simplicity that a  monochromatic wardrobe brings.  However, don't depend on the color black to hide your beauty.

II.  Tall People Can't Wear Heels

There's something about the way heels transform how I feel.  My confidence literally hits the roof.  Sexy isn't the word, I feel empowered.  Unfortunately, my clumsiness doesn't allow me the freedom to successfully create my own runway when I walk.  No matter who you are, no matter your size, shape, form; there's no set standard as to whether or not you should wear heels.  Check out April I'Jay as she shows us just how to rock heels without limitations!  In fact, I dare you to rock a pair of heels you were too shy to wear.  Watch how people stand in awe at your beauty!

III. Large Bust + Fitted Top= Issa No

I was a lowercase A for the longest, so when these Double D's made their grand entrance, I thought my wardrobe would be over.  Who knew creating a cleavage would be so much easy ha ha.  The truth of matter is, with the right bra, no matter the size of your twinsies, you can rock any style of top.  My tip is not shopping my actual size.  My body is some what of a medium.  When I shop tops, I search for the kind of "Look" I want, now the "Size" I'm assigned.  I recommend, going into the store with the same top in 3 different sizes, you will be utterly surprised which one you walk out loving!

IV. Color Must Be Season Appropriate

With each season, there's some sort of inspiration.  The Soft Pastels of Spring, the Warm Hues of Summer, the Cool Browns of Fall and the Deep Cozy Layers of Winter. Buttttt when did we announced that we were limited to wearing this colors for specific seasons?! I'll Wait... I have my favorites that I love to transition from one season to next.  Even if one may feel that my bright pink shirt is excessive for Fall, I may add a natural color top to tone it down.  However, though each season inspires a trend, it doesn't mean you have to follow it.  Find ways to incorporate your wardrobe with something new and "In Trend".  That way at the end of the day, no one can say you're not trending.

V.  There Are Rules to Fashion  

Fashion is simply a tool to create your own personal style.  When you go to the grocery store, you purchase specific ingredients to create a dish that caters to your tastes.  Fashion is no different.  Fashion is Color.  Fashion is Texture.  Fashion is Pattern.  And however you mix and match is completely up to you!!! There's no set rules in the realm of personal style.  Though there are set limitations (such as work and required uniform).

But when it shouldn't when it comes to you!!

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