The Persona: I Spent Three Days Pretending to Be Someone Else & Here's What Happened

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

As a child, adults asked the question, "Who do you want to be when you grow up"?  And it never failed that each year I wanted to be someone new.  Even during my undergrad years, I wondered where my life would take me and who would I become.  While I set expectations of who I thought I would be, never had I imagined I would be here.

After a recent visit to the costume store, I had the hardest time deciding who I could be for Halloween.  However, I was inspired.  So in the spirit of Halloween, I spent three days pretending to be someone else and here's what happened:

Personality Type: A

"You are something else"is a statement that I literally hear every time I meet people.  It's obvious I'm an extrovert.  Recently someone indicated that they "loved my Type A Personality". So I created a character to embody that for the day. 

New York was the perfect place to embrace my personality.  Fast pace + Thrill became the perfect recipe for Allegra (the name I came up with). I figured a bold personality, deserved a bold name (but also easy for me to remember).   Absolutely everything I did during the day was "excessive".  From the food I ordered all the way to the details of yelling at the taxi cabs for blowing at me as I crossed the road.  

However, I found myself at times, receiving unnecessary attention. I felt I was being judged for "being me".  I even overheard someone indicate I was "mad extra".   

Personality Type: B

Becoming Brenan is what I called my journey on day two.  With Atlanta's slower pace, it was a great transition to tranquility.  Or so I thought.  I'm used to being on edge and I found myself struggling to fully relax.  In fact, my frustration grew during my attempt to encompass a Type B personality.  I'm passive aggressive at times, so keeping my mouth closed was epidemic for disaster.

However, after I decided to go take my time and experience the day, I discovered how much of the details I've been missing in life.  The best way I can explain is how it once described to me:

"Things from above look completely different from below, that even birds take a break from soaring to rest for a better view"  And for once in my life, I enjoyed the flavors of my food (yes I eat fast), I was able to find hidden treasures all because I decided to walk instead of run (hypothetically speaking).

Personality Type: C

I honestly didn't even know there was another personality type, but apparently the third is creepy (in my opinion).  And for 2.8 seconds I became Constance.  As it was the weekend, it was time to thoroughly clean my house.  I found myself becoming obsessed with the slightest details.  I turned my phone on silent to prevent any interruptions.  What's crazy was that I began secluding myself from those around me to focus on my work.  My friends assumed I was angry at them. My guy even gave me that "girl you're tripping" look.

So What Happened?

Becoming everyone else but me, made an unexpected impact. I grew more aware of who I am and who I want to be.  Naturally, people pay attention to behaviors and seeing how those around me could sense a change--- was fascinating.

Despite the general personality types.  There's no type like YOU.  Like our finger prints, it's our individuality that separates us.  What better person to show off than, YOU?

My grandmother once said "It's okay to be UGLY-- Unique, Gifted, Living, You".  I laughed but it totally makes sense.  Standards are set but it doesn't mean you have to squeeze into that category.  Be that "other" as long as you stay true to you.

I challenge you to find a way to show off who you are inside in your style as we kick off UnStyled November 1!!!

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  1. This is so neat, love the content on personality. Always looking to be authentically myself.